From The Principal

Secretary of the School Party, Headmaster: Yan Jiefu

Yan Jiefu, male, the Han nationality, member of CPC, is a senior chemical teacher in senior high school. He is paid special subsidy of the State Council and titled as national model worker in educational system. He is the winner of the medal of people’s teacher and the prize of excellent gardener of chemical Olympic competition at provincial and state level. He is academician of China’s Chemistry Society, one of China’s 100 experts in moral education, vice president of the first national council of the journalChina’s Moral Education, vice president of chemistry seminar in Shenzhen, educational advisor of China’s west, academic leader of chemistry of Shenzhen, advanced worker in the activity of building spiritual civilization in Shenzhen, excellent educator in Shenzhen, and representative of congress of party. When he was young, he also won the prize of “Ten Outstanding Young Persons”and “Ten Excellent Young Teachers”. Since Yan Jiefu entered the service, he has won hundreds of titles of honor and published writings and papers with over five million words. In 2005, he was selected as the cover person of the journal Expert Thesaurus in Shenzhen and China’s Moral Education. In 1997, he was transferred to the attached middle school of Shenzhen College of Education and began to work as vice president, chairman of the labor union and secretary of the general branch of CPC. In July 2002, he worked as principal of school. Since 2003, he has worked as headmaster until now.