"Walked into poets" poetry recitation contest Held By Grade 11

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Among the 20th anniversary of our school, grade 11 held the Chinese traditional culture eventas the theme of "walked into the poet" poetry recitation contest.

As a part of the 20th anniversary, the contest combined music, stage performances to stimulate students' literary and artistic accomplishment.

A lot of students rented the Han dynasty costumes, some also joined the Chinese zither playing, calligraphy performance and traditional dance. The result is as follows:



Group Prizes:

The Special Award: class 11,class 2

The First Prize: class13,, class 8, class 7, class 10,class17

The Second Prize: class 1,class 12, class 3, class 14, class 20, class 6

The Third Prize: class 15, class 4, class9, class 16, class 5, class 18, class 19

The Creative Prize: class 10, class 11, class 12, class 13

The Spiritual Style Award: class 1, class 4, class 7, class 13, class 16, class 20


Personal Awards: Liu Zhongyao, LaoYuqing, Chen Zixin, QiuLuehao,YangMengqian, Li Minling





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