"Walked into Poets" poetry recitation contest

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It’s inheriting traditional culture and extoling Chinese civilization. In orderto build our school campus culture, improve the humanistic quality of the students in our school, we held a grand “Walked into poets" poetry recitation contest on October 18.


Our school invited Chen Dongzhen who is the principal of Guangzhou Lingnan school, Gu Bogen who is the vice principal of No. 1 middle school in Guangzhou, and vice principals Huang Wen, Xu Weihong, KuangWeiyu, Yang Shufeng, Wu Changle, Tao Tian.


Each class players with their powerful momentum and confidence won guests, teachers, and students' present burst of applause. Intoner led us into the heart of the poets, to understand the poets’ patriotic enthusiasm; "The young Chinese said," to guide the students to pursue youth, brave struggle...


After more than two hours’ competition, there are class11 and class 2 who got special awards; class13, class 8, class 7, class 10 and class 17 won the first prize; Class 1, class 12 class, class 3, class14, class20 and class 6  won the second prize; class 15, class 4, class 9, class 16, class 5, class 18, class 19 won the third prize; class 10, 11,12, 13 won the creative prize; class 4, 7, 13, 16, 20 won the spiritual style award. Six students won the award of precenting.


The poetry recitation contest was successful. Through this contest, our students not only show versatile style,but also demonstrated the artistic charm of traditional culture!



















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