The US Fairmont High School Visits The No.3 Senior High School of Shenzhen

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 Recently, the US Fairmont High School visited the No.3 Senior High School of Shenzhen, and explained in detail the basic situation of the school, curriculum, extracurricular activities and whereabouts of graduates and actively interacted with students studying abroad next year to discuss how to apply to the southern California US High School. Not only did the student receive an in-depth understanding of this school, but also received a more comprehensive understanding of the US High School.



Located in southern California situated near Los Angeles and San Diego, Fairmont High School is an American private high school, which was founded in 1953. For 55 years, this school has trained a large number of outstanding students, with an active academic atmosphere.



Fairmont Hhigh High School offers courses in ESL, Mathematics, Advanced Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Computer Science, Web Design, Studio Art, Music and Speech and Debate, which is authorized to award the diploma to successful graduates with the fame of an academically rigorous teaching style. Since 1978, the school has maintained a 100% student enrollment rate. In addition, Fairmont Middle School is accredited by WASC and the National Association of Private Schools in the United States (NIPSA).



At the same time, the school also offers a large number of extracurricular activities for students, which includes student volunteer organizations, the Earth Club, computer club, music club, school yearbook, juvenile organization, school newspaper, website club, student union, choir, cinemas and so forth.



Fairmont High School students are eager to be enrolled into major public universities and each year up to 90% of the graduates register for admission to the University of California system.







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