School Leaders Attend the 2016 High School International Program Seminar in Beijing

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 On March 17th, Yan Jiefu, the Principal of the No.3 Senior High School of Shenzhen together with Tong Xin meng, the dean of the International Department, participated in the "2016 High School International Program Seminar" organized by the China Scholarship Council, and was hosted by the Oriental International Education Exchange Center. Representatives from Australia, France, Poland and other Chinese embassies were also invited to discuss the cooperation and development of high quality international projects in secondary schools. As the only one of the China Scholarship Council, the successful cooperation of participant schools is a good example to be promoted vigorously throughout the seminar.


Principal Yan and the Director of the Center, Mrs. Kang Xiulan, discussed the cooperation and development of the International Project of the No.3 Senior Middle School of Shenzhen thoroughly including the introduction and promotion of high quality international programs and the development introduction of international courses. With this unique international vision , Principal Yan has put forward the idea of "Developing and Introducing the International Curriculum of High Quality Middle Schools", which has gained high recognition from colleagues and representatives and enabled the cooperation of both sides to enter a new stage of cooperation and development.


At the same time, Tong Xinmeng exchanged ideas in the local education circles with representatives of national embassies to discuss the future development of international projects in secondary schools, and vigorously promote cooperation between schools and exchanges to strive to achieve common goals.






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