Teachers took BC IELTS Teacher Training Program

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  A Photograph between Teachers and Colin


In March, six teachers of the No. 3 Senior High school began the  six-day training program jointly organized by the British Consulate-General's Cultural and Education Section and Beijing Language and Culture University.


BC IELTS Teacher Training Program is the only IELTS teacher training program recognized by the British Consulate. It was designed by the British training program. Most courses were given by Colin from the British Consulate of Culture and Education Department while  were taught by the Beijing Language and Culture University teachers,. More precisely, the face-to-face part of the entire training program is only a small part of the entire process, which includes a large number of online education content, examination and results reporting,.


Our teachers have long been mentally prepared for the training, so they performed actively in the class throughout the training process . Mrs.Tong and other teachers in the same group discussed their homework until 7 pm, and worked out a highly effective and practical customized training program. Huang Qiong and Gu Jianjun had a hot debate on the skill and ability in the IELTS test.


Although the training was short, they harvested fully, hoping to have more opportunities to participate in such professional training.




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