Our school held the first simulation recruitment on campus

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On May 9th, the first simulation recruitment on campus was held, with "select direction, sail sail" as the theme. There is one guest named Jiang Lan, a leader of development department, from Longgang District Investment Holdings Limited, also Shenzhen gifted human resources Limited Business. Another guest is Wu Ruipeng, a director of the customer service department. President Yan Jiefu, research director Yang, deputy director Zhang of the Department of scientific research, and head teacher Tsai attended the event. On the scene, 100 interviewers, 200 interviewees and 250 attendees are all from Grade One and Grade Two of the Senior High.


At the opening ceremony, President Yan Jiefu expressed great expectations for the students and hoped that the students could start planning their lives from now on. Jiang Lan, a leader from Development Department made an intimate tip on the interview for the on-site students, and expressed willingness to cooperate with the school to provide more career counseling opportunities for the students.


In the two-hour event, the interviewer and the candidates were engaged whole-heartedly, as if they had been on a real job fair site. Candidates brought with them their own drafted vitae to the enterprises booth and queued to be interviewed. Interviewers from 50 companies sat before the carefully prepared posters, listening carefully to the candidates. They combined the interview program with the actual situation of the post and made decisions on whether to pass.


Participants were both excited and nervous. The interviewing process not only enable them to have a more intuitive understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, but also can accumulate experience to be used in the future development. As an interviewer, the student can learn how to communicate and observe so as to be more confident from a different perspective.


The simulation recruitment on campus is one of a series of activities (Career Planning Week) designed by Planning Quality Club. Since 2014, the club has organized two optional courses of career planning to provide one-on-one career counseling for the students. And they also led the students to the Information Technology Institute to attend the lectures on how college students use the job interview skills. The students took part in college graduates job fairs of Longgang District. At present, more than 200 students have benefited quite a lot from the course and individual consultation. Students have begun to explore their own personalities, interests, abilities and values ​​through the curriculum. The door has been opened to their career world so that the students can think more about which job they are really interested in and good at.





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