2016 “President’s Cup” badminton competition performance bulletin

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2016 "President’s Cup" badminton competition came to a successful close on May 5th. During a week’s fierce competition, all the athletes have displayed the spirit of combat and unity and have shown great enthusiasm for sports.

The awards are as follows:




             Grade 1

 Grade 2


Men's Singles

Men's Doubles

Women's Singles

Women's Doubles

Men's Singles

Men's Doubles

Women's Singles

Women's Doubles




Xia Pengwei from class12

Su Zhiyi and Xu Qingyang from class6

Zhang Fuyin from class4

Fan Linzhi and Zhang Zimo from class2

Qin Chuan from calss18

Chen Zhihao and Cao Zhijie from class13

Huang Yueqi from calss13

Liu Yatin and Lijing from class16


Wang hanlin from class9

Chen Zhichun and Zhongcanjia from class6

Huang Yushan from class21

Yao Han and Duan Xinyan from class6

Sha Mingrui from calss9

Pang Ming and Lin Chuhao from calss14

Huang Lixian from calss5

Luo Ruiqin and Pan Siqi from calss1 


Mao jupeng from calss14

Song Quanhao and Li Yongqi feom class17

Li Qiulin from calss10

Liu Fengyi and Gen Chang from class20

Tangjie from class9

Zhang Weijie and Li Guangjun from class4

Yang Yirong from calss16

Ding Ying and Wang Rui from calss13


He Xin from class10

Xiao Wentao and Qiu Yuxuan from class14

Ye Xin from18

Zhu Yu and Wei Xiaojing from calss11

Zhang Zhewei from calss16

Zeng Weihang and Chen Jianzhou from calss8

Zeng Qinqin from class16

Tang Mengyang and Cai Tingting from calss3


Prominent judges:

   Miu Quan and Zhang Yuqi from Class12, Grade2, Pang Ming from Class14, Grade2 as well as Su Zhiyi and Chen Zhichun from Class6, Grade1.

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