2016 "President's Cup" Football Competition Report

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2016 "President's Cup" Football Competition, which lasted for four weeks, came to a successful close last week. The game fully embodied the idea of self education, self management and self-accomplishment. During the four weeks, we have witnessed the emergence of a number of outstanding student organizers and judges. Meanwhile, all the teams have displayed the spirit of combat and unity and the sense of collectivism.

The awards are as follows:

1. Group award:





Class 16, Grade2


Art Classes United


Class13 and Class 15 United, Grade 1


Class 10, Grade1


2. prominent judges:

Grade 1: Xiao Junyu from Class9, Liu Hongyu from Class13, and Zhu Junhao from Class18.

Grade 2: Xu Jiaxiang and Yu Sida from Class9, Kuang Weiye from Class10, Li Xiaohui from Class13, Yu Wei from Class16 as well as Xiao Kailun from Class20.

Wonderful moment of the game







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