Sailing to 18 with Youth Dreams

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 The 2016 senior "adult ceremony" was hosted in the No. Three Senior High School of ShenZhen.


 On April 30, All the teachers and students of grade three and their parents celebrated “adult ceremony” called " Sailing to 18 with Youth Dreams"  on the green playground grandly.


At Two o'clock in the afternoon, the ceremony began with inspired melody. All people rose and sang the national anthem, saluted to the five-star red flag in solemn and sacred atmosphere, to tell the motherland that we are 18 years old today!


Principal Yan Jiefu gave congratulations affectionately to the students who had just entered the adult rank, shared the profound meaning of “adult”,  encouraged students to carry on and not to give up in the most critical moment.The college entrance exam is a mountain, if you go over the mountain, all mountains will be small in a single glance; It is also like a river.  If you cross the river, the road will be a wide expanse of flat land! 784 "birthday youths" greeted the important moment of 18-year-olds passionately, witnessed by their parents and teachers, accompanied by clapping, singing birthday song!

                                      Principal Gave a Speech


                                        Principal Presented Birthday Cake

Teacher Gao Huazhang issued Constitution Books

Representatives of Teacher Gave a Speech


Apprenticing and Appreciation 

Parents of student Huang Jiaxuan Gave a Speech


Students Give a Speech

                                            Exchanging the Letters

                                                 Students Took an Oath 

Entering the “Adult Door”



















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